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Fists in Solidarity

Zyd Worx: Nonprofit Solutions

Specialized Consulting

At Zyd Worx we are driven to provide services to 501-c-3s and social enterprises for board management, strategic long-range fundraising development, grant research, submission, and program planning with implementation

About Zyd Worx

Lara's grant writing business, Zyd Worx began organically when she volunteered as an intern for Points of Diversity and officially became an LLC in 2013. Lara's journey began by answering a call for help. The first step was enlistment to the United States Coast Guard, the second step was service in healthcare, then onto special education. Lara's path to advocacy continued with volunteering in the local community in different sectors making connections and growing partnerships.

Points of Diversity NPO

Lara was very thorough and efficient in preparing and following up on all the work associated with our successful grant application.

Katie Zawacki

Lara found and wrote several grants for us and what was ultimately funded clearly paid for. She was diligent, sought knowledge of our work to help her meet our needs, and successful in finding funds to help us continue our work.

Bobby Booker Sr.

I worked side by side with Lara creating and running a community program from the ground up. 

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